stefanie & nick’s engagement session! | peconic river herb farm, calverton

As I was walking around Peconic River Herb Farm, early as always, I just had a feeling this would be one of my favorite engagement sessions. Needless to say, I was right. I met Stefanie and Nick a few months ago and I remember how happy they were. Great smiles, fun personalities, my kind of couple. Oh and they originally had wanted to tie the knot at PRHF but were worried about the weather so they decided on Brecknock Hall, a venue I have been dying to photograph at. When I sent out my “getting to know you” questionnaire I learned they love cats and have Taco Bell dates and just knew I was meant to photograph their wedding (cheesy, I know)

I couldn’t get over this one spot overlooking the pond and the lake in the background. We had such a perfect Spring afternoon with the sun peeking out between the clouds.

Seriously they look like a Spring fashion magazine cover. I love how their outfits match perfectly to the surrounding landscapes. Like are you kidding me?!

Peconic River Herb Farm may be my new “go-to” shoot location. There is just SO much to work with – the pond, assorted greens and flowers, cute little sheds, this stunning greenhouse, and more! I love the charm each of the structures has – cute little signs and trinkets that make it all unique. And when you are done shooting you could always take a plant or two home with you!

The way their faces light up when they look at each other..

Their kitty cat Grey was the highlight of the shoot (sorry guys) but look at that furry friend! Oh and these ring shots, I told you PRHF delivers endless possibilities!

I kept saying that Stefanie must have been stalking Instagram or Pinterest because she was such a model in front of the camera. They both agreed she has been and Stefanie admitted to being my #1 fan on Instagram – haha!

Time for a little personality! Piggy back rides and improv dancing – I love it!

Precious little moments.

Nick is a volunteer Fireman in Shirley so after playing around PRHF we head on over to the firehouse to grab a few quick shots.

I cannot wait for your wedding next September Stefanie and Nick. Thanks for being awesome – cheers!

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