Karen and John's Review of Britt Lee Wedding Photography

I don't even know where to begin! Brittany truly made our wedding day special. When I started planning our wedding, I knew I wanted a photographer who used natural lighting, caught us in the moment and captured the most meaningful moments of our day. John and I had our engagement session with Brittany after the first snowfall in December 2017 and it was cold!! She was patient with us and helped us forget how cold we were. John and I were nervous but Brittany made us look natural and we felt comfortable after the first few poses. The morning of our wedding, Brittany arrived bright and early and I was so happy to see her. She (and her second photographer) helped make the day go smoothly. 3 days after the wedding, Brittany sent me 156 pictures from the wedding and I wanted to cry at how beautiful they all were. She caught every moment I had asked her to focus on and everything looked natural. I have shared the pictures with family, friends and co workers and they have all said they were the best wedding photos they had seen in a long time and loved the authenticity. It meant so much to me, and I couldn't agree more with them. Brittany was the vendor I was looking forward to the most because those pictures will be with us forever. Brittany is a phenomenal photographer who is responsive, thorough, and creative with a great eye for location and scenery and worth every penny. Lastly (but definitely not least) Brittany is kind, patient and genuine and has the best personality to be in the wedding business. I know she will do great in her career and I would recommend her to anyone!

Karen & John

The easiest decision in all our wedding planning was hiring Brittany to be our wedding photographer! Having worked with her as the photographer at my two best friends weddings in the past, I immediately knew that there was no need to look further! When I brought my fiance to meet with her for the first time, he knew quickly as well that Brittany would be great to work with! After our meeting, he said "She seems so great - so chill and easy to talk to!" We were surprised and excited that our engagement session came with our wedding package! This part was so great because it allowed us to work with Brittany before the wedding. Although we felt a bit awkward at the beginning of the session, Brittany knows exactly what she is doing and makes you get comfortable behind the camera. She helps you to forget that the camera is even there and just makes you feel comfortable acting as you would as a couple- this makes her pictures come out amazing! On the wedding day, Brittany arrived bright and early! Again one of the only vendors I was not worried about at all! We lucked out with the rain holding off and Brittany utilized every aspect of our venue to take absolutely beautiful pictures! They were more amazing than I could have even imagined! The way she captures the light and the use of nature around her are amazing! And of course every bride cannot wait to see wedding photos and Brittany surprised us with some sneak peeks already when we woke up the day after the wedding! She was so quick in getting us pictures of the day! Brittany was truly wonderful, fun, and easy to work with and I cannot wait to work with her again in the future!

Dana & Jon

Dana and Jonathan's Review of Britt Lee Wedding Photography

I'll sum up my love-fest of a review right here: if you're looking for a wedding photographer, and don't hire Brittany, then you're making a mistake! Having great pictures of our wedding day was a priority for us. We live out of town and initially shopped around a bit online before meeting any photographers in person. I thought Brittany was my top choice so we met her at Starbucks... and signed our contract before leaving! When we got into our car after our initial meeting, my husband said, "I think I fell in love with her!" I responded with, "I did too!" We knew right away that Brittany was the right person for us to work with. We did our engagement pictures at the end of the summer and were AMAZED with the end results that Brittany gave us. I actually got worried that I wouldn't love our wedding pictures as much as I did our engagement pictures!

Working with Brittany was incredibly easy. She's super organized, which we both appreciated, and made the process seamless. Anytime I texted her she responded immediately. I'm not sure if she sleeps!

The day of our wedding, we essentially let Brittany and Cat, her second shooter, run our day. We trusted that Brittany always knew the plan and we'd just look to her for every next step. We got married on a sunny but windy day in March and Brittany got the most amazing pictures of seemingly every moment. She took a ton of pictures of us outside, but managed to do it all fast enough that I didn't freeze in my dress!

Three days after our wedding, Brittany delivered a "sneak peak" of almost 150 pictures! Everyone was amazed at the quick turnaround and it's been so much fun to be able to show off our professional pictures from the day rather than our guests' blurry cell phone pictures.

We really couldn't have asked for more from Brittany. She was thoughtful, fun to work with, and is great at what she does! We've had such an amazing experience working with her and wish that all other couples could have the opportunity to work with her too.


I have been trying to find THE perfect words to describe what an incredible photographer Brittany is, and it has been a struggle since we were left speechless after seeing our wedding photos! Brittany really is one in a million- not only because of her truly amazing work but also because of the sincere relationships she has with clients. Before even meeting Brittany, I already knew what a gifted photographer she was from looking through all of her beautiful work on her blog/fb/insta. However once we sat down with Brittany, I not only felt like we clicked, but I quickly realized what makes her truly special and standout as a photographer. She is professional yet so genuine, easygoing and flexible, a wonderful listener and gives thoughtful advice, and is sincerely excited about your wedding. She is a dream come true and more! Our wedding photography was our number one priority from the beginning, and if I could give you future brides one piece of advice it would be to give yourself the gift of hiring Brittany Dembowski. If you value your future wedding photos as much as me, you will be so thankful that you did! Brittany has given us the greatest gift and I still am looking at our photos multiple times daily!! In the months leading up to the wedding Brittany was diligent about checking in and communicating about plans, payments, portrait lists and timelines. She was always warm and professional and made herself accessible for any questions we had whether they were photography related or not. Whenever I came to Brittany with any questions she was always there with confident and encouraging answers and advice. She always felt like a friend and I was so excited to share plans and ideas with her along the way. When the big day arrived Brittany was the essence of what every wedding photographer should be. She arrived early, was so sweet and excited for us, and helped us stay relaxed and on schedule. AND she confidently organized and directed photos with the world's largest wedding party of 30 people! Brittany and her second shooter were incredible, both individually and as a team. We could not have asked for anyone better!! Although we are sad that our wedding photography relationship is over, we are so thankful for the gift she has given us. I truly believe that her work is so beautiful because of the wonderful person she is and the genuine relationships she fosters with her clients. Thank you, thank you, thank you Brittany! We love you!!

Blake & Michael

Blake and Michael's Review of Britt Lee Wedding Photography


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