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Big news over here! I am changing my business name. I am sure other business owners can relate just as HUGE of a change this is, but it was a long time coming! My “to do” list for this change is about a mile long but I am looking forward to growing because of it! It’s funny for years I didn’t do much updating to my business and this past Winter and Spring I just wanted new new new.


College Brittany must not have processed just how difficult Dembowski was to not only pronounce but to also write out. Naturally when trying to decide on a business name its easy to go right to your name. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but I have been putting off the change for a few years. I guess I was always worried people wouldn’t find me or would get confused but I am trusting GoDaddy knows what they are doing This new business name comes with a nice crisp logo which I feel really ties in everything about my photography style. There will be a new website (which will look almost identical to the one I have now) and new email address. The old email and website will link to the new one so don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere. These are currently being worked on but I will be sure to let everyone know once those are active.


Thank you everyone that will be continuing on this journey with me and have helped me get this far in the first place. I can’t forget to also thank the Breakfast Club who pushed me to finally make this decision. I couldn’t have done it without you ladies.

Britt Lee wedding photography captures lovestories all over Long Island!


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