leora & joe’s engagement session! coindre hall, huntington

Another adorable couple and their furbaby at Coindre Hall this week! Cleo was such a good girl – look at that smile!!! I think a number of treats helped, too. Leora and Joe booked me just under a year before their wedding. I had only met Leora but she was bubbly, sweet, and we just seemed to click. She seemed super down to earth and just wanted some beautiful photos and to of course have a good time. When Leora and Joe showed up to their engagement session I was completely blown away – Leora looked like a total bombshell! Seriously I was not expecting Mary Jane’s, red lipstick, or props – but she did it all and completely rocked it out. I am OBSESSED with this look on her! Also Leora’s piercing green eyes I couldn’t get enough of. What a catch! Her dress was super cute and played into her pinup theme. Joe was the sweetest. He completely played along with the theme and did so with no complaints. Their session was pretty hot and humid but we made the absolute best of it!The way they look at each other… sigh. They both say they don’t like posing for photos but look at how their faces light up when they look at each other! I loved the signs and props Leora brought. The classic Coca-Cola bottles and paper straws were such a cute touch to their look. Black and white looks gooooood on them! Total rockstars. I love it! Leora quickly changed outfits before heading down to the water for the second part of their session. I loved this lace romper on her. So much fun for summer and the two of them wearing converse – cuties! Leora and Joe were really good at RBF but at the same time broke character very easily. All of the green at Coindre Hall was perfect for Leora’s eyes and those red lips. We get down to the beach and where is the sun?! A huge cloud completely blocked the sun so we had some moody lighting for the remainder of the session. We didn’t mind – I think this fit them better anyway. Leora is so tiny seriously Joe picks her up effortlessly. Looking at the rain clouds in the distance. The foot pop – I can’t!Leora and Joe I cannot wait for your black tie masquerade wedding on HALLOWEEN at the Bourne Mansion. I know it will be nothing short of epic. Cheers!

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